Confidentiality policy

Confidentiality policy – Personal data and cookies processing –  (01/07/2018)


The website collects and processes your data using forms or online services in compliance with the general rules on data protection (RGPD) and the French law on Computer Technology and Freedom. The personal information collected on the site is limited to that which is strictly necessary for the functioning of the Alizé electric vehicle recharge service. This Confidentiality Policy informs you on the way in which we collect and process your personal data and indicates:

  • The personal data collected;
  • The specific goals (purpose) of this data collection;
  • The length of data conservation;
  • Who may have access to the data;
  • Your rights and how to exercise them.

Each form or online service on the website references this confidentiality policy and specifies whether the data processed is mandatory or optional to process your request. We invite you to read about this.


Data collected when subscribing, creating an account on our sites and applications, using the charging service on our applications or contacting us via contact forms or by calling the hotline:

  • Given names and surnames, title, date of birth;
  • Mailing address, e-mail address, phone number;
  • Identifier and encrypted password used to log in to our sites or applications;
  • Encrypted information on your means of payment: banking card number, expiry date and security code;

The data we collect when you use the charging service is the information on your sales history related to the purchase and execution of services (subscriptions, recharges, etc.), billing and payment. The data we collect automatically in order to improve the use of the service:

  • Cookies deposited with your consent. A cookie does not enable the identification of a user; it stores information related to the computer’s navigation on sites or applications (operating system, browser, pages consulted, date and time they were consulted, referring web page address) which can be read in future visits.
  • Geolocation data (if you have accepted this functionality), in order to identify the physical location of your device, offer you nearby services and guide you to the selected charging station.

Before offering a subscription, recharge badge or other service we provide to a third party (employee, family member, etc.), you must make sure that the person concerned accepts the use of her or his personal data. Your data is used with your consent, which you may withdraw at any time without calling into question the initial lawfulness of the use of your data. The Service does not collect any sensitive data (racial origins, political opinions, data related to health or sexual orientation, etc.)


The data collected contributes to delivering the recharge service for your electric vehicle. The main purposes for which we use the data mentioned in the previous article are:

  • Prior operations necessary to the provision of the service (subscription, card delivery);
  • The functioning and optimisation of navigation on our sites and applications
  • The execution of the charging service
  • The billing and payment of services;
  • Client relations for any questions;
  • The sending of information on service changes;
  • The legal and mandatory reporting to the public entities which own the recharge infrastructure to which the user has subscribed: subscriptions and charging services billed on behalf of the entity concerned;
  • The measurement of site and charging station usage in order to improve the service.

The subscriber or user’s personal data will under no circumstances be given or sold to any third party.


Your personal data will be stored for periods of time compliant with legal provisions. These conservation periods depend on the purpose and on the service user’s status: data on client account management, services used, payment and accountability may be stored during the entire length of the subscription and a maximum of 10 years after a subscription has been cancelled;

  • Data which facilitates navigation on the sites or applications and/or usage measurement is stored for 13 months maximum.

Once this period has elapsed, the data will be destroyed. We store your personal data in the European Union, mainly in France.


Your data is intended to be used solely by our company and will only be made accessible to the following, strictly as required for their missions:

  • Our technical service providers, which enable us to manage the IT systems necessary to the Alizé service, online payment system, phone calls and usage measurement;
  • Our recharge partners, which have delegated management of their electric vehicle recharge infrastructure;
  • Police, legal or administrative authorities, where appropriate.

Access to your data is granted on an individual and limited basis. Persons concerned are under the obligation to maintain confidentiality. In order to have access, our subcontractors must sign contracts mentioning their obligations in terms of keeping the data safe and maintaining its confidentiality.


We remind you that you have the right to access your data, to correct any erroneous data about you, and, as stipulated in the regulations, to oppose the recording of data or delete some of your data (after cancelling the service), to limit its use or request its portability in order to transfer it to a third party, and to determine what should be done with your data after your death. The entity responsible for processing the personal data on the site is the BOUYGUES ENERGIES & SERVICES company, an SAS with capital of €50,574,368, Head office: Australia – 19, rue Stephenson – CS 20734 – 78063 Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Cedex, with a capital of €50,574,368 – Trade & Companies Register – Versailles 775 664 873. BOUYGUES ENERGIES & SERVICES is a subsidiary of the BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION group. For any information or to exercise your rights on the processing of personal data managed by our company, you may contact us:

  • in writing, at: Bouygues Construction – Direction de la Communication – Contact CNIL, Challenger – 1, avenue Eugène Freyssinet – 78065 St Quentin-en-Yvelines.
  • via e-mail by clicking here

Where appropriate, attach documents verifying your identity and supporting your request.