Using the Alizé service

The Alizé service made easy: Alizé assists you from A to Z with recharging your vehicle.

How to use the service

Regular users

Subscribe and benefit from:

  • one or more badges
  • a client account where you can track your consumption, view your bills and connect to the application
  • a preferential rate on the network of charging stations linked to your subscription
  • access to most public charging stations in France

You will be billed once per month: view the rates

Occasional users

Use the Alizé service occasionally thanks to the Smartphone application

  • Download the Alizé application on the Play Store or Apple Store and use it as a “non-member”
  • Enter your payment information (credit card required)
  • Recharge and pay for your charging session

You will be billed at the end of your charging session at the non-member rate.

Discover your client account

Manage your client account

By subscribing to the Alizé service, you have access to your client account:

  1. Fill out or change your personal data at any time
  2. Change your password
  3. View your subscription and the beginning and end dates of validity
  4. Activate and deactivate your badge(s), order additional badges, enter your shipping address
  5. Update your payment method or go from an automated credit card payment to SEPA direct debit and vice-versa
  6. Download your electric recharge bills
  7. View the history of your recharge sessions
  8. Manage your affiliations (only available to charging station managers)
  9. Go back to your account home page
  10.  Create an organisation (only available to charging station managers)
  11.  Set the language
  12.  Log out
  13.  View the charging stations map
  14.  Go back to the Alizé site home page

Discover the Alizé mobile application

The Alizé application

  • The Alizé application enables you to recharge at all charging stations in our network and our partners’ networks without using a badge.
  • Whether or not you have subscribed, it gives you access to all charging stations at Alizé rates.
Welcome screen

  • Are you a member of Alizé? Log in to the application by choosing the project to which you are subscribed
  • Haven’t yet subscribed? Use the application as a non-member
Find a charging station

  • Directly view the map of accessible charging stations and find the one you need
  • When you select a station, you will see whether the charging points are available (in green) or occupied (in blue) and what types of outlets they have.
  • Find the address of a station by entering the name of its location
Recharge your electric vehicle

  • Choose a charging point to view the recharge rate and start your recharge
  • When you use the application as a non-member, personal data necessary to the billing process will be requested before you are able to start recharging.
Application menu

From the menu, you may:

  • activate your GPS localisation
  • choose your search settings
  • view your transaction history
  • access the Web page dedicated to communities
  • view the conditions of use of the Alizé network
  • access the “Need help” section to answer all your questions